the Anti-Brainwashing League (ABL)

The Anti-Brainwashing League is an organization with a simple objective: contribute to widespread public awareness of mind influencing technologies as a precursor to lobbying for the introduction of anti-brainwashing curriculum into high school education.
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Video and audio

Project description

Summarize or comment on video and mp3 content, toward high quality content for awareness and/or curriculum objectives.

Content excluded:

- Prosyletization (regardless of whether genuine); references to exorcisms, etc.
- Disproportionate blame to "dirty Jews", etc.
- Those which appear primarily motivated by desire to insert suggestion towards hate, eugenics, or similar towards specific groups, including vulnerable ones
- Those which primarily identify "illuminati" or similar except as apparently metaphorical tool or indication of incomplete personal knowledge
Note 0: Structure of video and audio content is currently: A) Series (e.g. of interviews), etc., B) Media, conspiracy theories, documentaries, etc. and C) Testimonials, whistleblowers, etc.
Note 1: Inclusion in this list does not speak to the entire accuracy of all information, accounts, etc., included in the videos.
Note 2: Dates may not be accurate with regard to original publication.

Video and audio content

A) Series (e.g. of interviews), etc.

Ella Free (channel)
Kev Baker Show (channel)
Stephen Watson (channel)
Targeted Individuals Petition (channel)
Omnisense (channel)
shinzantetsu (channel)
Ramola D Reports (channel)
Dr. John Hall - Satellite Surveillance
Dr John Hall and Robert Duncan - Mind Security and Cybernetic Warfare
Cognitive Liberty in the Era of Brain Hacking
How A Targeted Individual Is Profiled. (channel)

B) Media, conspiracy theories, documentaries, etc.

The Fifth Estate. MK Ultra: CIA mind control program in Canada (1980) - The Fifth Estate
ABC News documentary on mind control experimentation in America (Diya Lam)
[1 of 2] Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons - CNN, 1985
[2 of 2] Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons - CNN, 1985
MKULTRA Documentary CIA Mind Control Research Human Experiments in the United States
Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment On MSNBC News!
Targeted Individuals Dr John Hall and Dr Terry Robertson
(KPFA 94.1, Berkeley)
Targeted Individuals (The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett - 96.7FM, Toronto - July 16, 2017)
Gang Stalking of Targeted Individuals on the News
- KENS5 (San Antonio, Texas)
- WLKY (Louisville, Kentucky), Jan 22, 2010
- Fox 35, Central Coast News (Santa Cruz, California)
- KCRA (Sacramento, California)
Coast to Coast AM
Satellite Torture Victim Calls 911 100 Times "Authorities" Refuse To Investigate
Jedi Society (channel)
Covert Transhumanism: A Mind Control Documentary (Omnisense)
Gang Stalking & V2K Testimony by Private Security Whistleblower
The Middle men - Targeted Individuals
Targeted Individuals & the Deep State wth Ella Free, Dr. Aaron & Derrick Robinson
Targeted Individuals And Narcissists
The Wisdom Cafe with Lisa J (channel)
The Richie Allen Show
Dr. Nick Begich - Hive Mind Control and Individuals (Infowars)
Nick Begich on HAARP & Mind Control - Ashland, Oregon
The Technologies of Political Control with Dr Nick Begich
(1st half is more about weather modification theories)
XZone radio show (Hamilton), Rob Mcconnell
Nick Begich: HAARP Lecture 2013
(1st half more about weather modification)
Shielding Tips for Targeted Individuals (pineconeutopia)
CIA Targeted Individuals - Dr. Eric Karlstrom (Freeman TV)
Jeff Rense & Dr. Eric Karlstrom, PhD - Satanic Evil, GangStalking & Mind Control
Citizen Neutralization using High Tech Weaponry with Dr Eric Karlstrom on WBB
Our Interesting Times with Tim Kelly - Pt 1 Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Gang Stalking 2-11-2017
Our Interesting Times with Tim Kelly - Pt 2 Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Gang Stalking 2-18-2017
Wireless Dangers Australia (channel)
Mind Control Documentary (Conspiracy Insomniac)
Artificial Intelligence. Brain Net, Hive Mind
Veteran's Today, Feb 18, 2016 (audio)
TLBTV: Cognitive Liberty - Silent Weapons For a Psychotronic Society
Strategy of Psychotronic Weapons
34C3 - Electromagnetic Threats for Information Security
Targeting with Electromagnetic Weapons: Forefront Human Rights Issue of the 21st Century
Control Systems: Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons & Echelon
Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons ? Dr. Patrick Flanagan
Targeting Must End
Remote neural monitoring: How to screw it up and mess with their results
(maybe not best suggestive advice (?), but potentially informative in some respects ...)
MIND CONTROL From MKULTRA to Project Monarch Documentary 2017
CIA Documentary 2017 (channel)
Documentary Artificial Satellite HD - Satellite based mind control
The CIAs Secret Experiments (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories
NSA Remote Neural Monitoring, Signals Intelligence, Electromagnetic Weapons abuses
Truth and Art TV
Targeted Individual Conference 2017: Dr. John Hall on Unity & the Attacks on Diplomats in Cuba
Govt Mind Control Technologies with Dr. John Hall
Dr. John Hall Interview
Dr John Hall Interview
satellite terrorism Interview with Dr John Hall
Truthstream Media
Privacy is Dead: Online Electronic Profiling (Rapid Edit) Orginized Electronic Harassment

C) Testimonials (all genuine?), whistleblowers and/or toward action

Shane Gibbs (channel)
Targeted in Ireland (channel)
Matthew Aaron (channel)
Tyrone Dew (channel)
Butterfly (channel)
Groovie Bean (Dark Brew and Gangstalking Cult) (channel)
ResearchforTargetedIndividuals RoaringWisdom (channel)
Dave Sturdevant (channel)
Nizin Lopez (channel)
False Flag Set Up (channel)
Scott Snitzer (channel)
Carmen (channel)
Dr. Katherine Horton (channel)
Stacy Sweetheart (channel)
Bellaaa (channel)
(similar to highly unscientific explanatory approaches potentially incorporated in psychological campaigns which attempted to enforce such beliefs; nothing non-credible about testimonial aspects)
Janine Triumphant Individual (channel)
Gina Lyn (channel)
Enough is Enough (channel)
sunny dae777 (channel)
First Amendment to the United States Constitution (channel)
Vulcan Wolverine (channel)
keep fighting (channel)
mrvillTV (channel)
(extremely unspecific)
charles hall (channel)
Keepinit100 Tv (channel)
James Harken (channel)
Andreea Damask (channel)
Lino Martinez (channel)
Part 1: Targeted Individuals, in Canada. (Valerie Guillaume)
Edwin Manna And The Learning Channel
Bronze Goddess 404 (channel)
DNBPF (?) (channel)
Ellen Atkin On Targeted Individuals, Gangstalking & Soul Fragmentation! - The LanceScurv Show (LanceScurv)
Brian Tew (channel)
Targeted Individual (channel)
Higgins Williams (channel)
Josh Train (channel)
Phoenix Gold (channel)
remote neural monitoring
Mats Torgersen (channel)
MsEYEOPENER (channel)
Targeted Individual Doctor Daniel Lebowitz MD Came To Me with Message
CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp - Targeted Individuals, Psych Victims, Government cover-ups
Electromagnetic Weapons - Minister of National Defence for Poland
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Dr John Hall and Actor Stephen Shellen CIA Directed Energy Targeting & More
Against use of Psychotronic Weapons. Testimonies of victims before the Presidential Commission, USA
Mind Control: History and the Present
Organized gang stalking and electronic harassment by artificial intelligence technologies (channel)
My message electronic harassment
Targeted Individual: electronic harassment/gang stalking v2k
Understanding Organized Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment
Michael Barden (channel)
"My Experience as a Targeted Individual", Part 1
"My Experience as a Targeted Individual", Part 2
"My Experience as a Targeted Individual", Part 3
targeted individual jeff 4
What's it like being a targeted individual?
Sworn Testimony (targeted individual)
mila Taylor
Stories of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment
Targeted Individual from Alabama!
Gangstalking and Targeted Individuals... what REALLY going on?
Targeted Individuals
Counter-gang stalking 101: How to make your life easier (kei sugano)