the Anti-Brainwashing League (ABL)

The Anti-Brainwashing League is an organization with a simple objective: establish widespread public awareness of mind influencing technologies as a precursor to lobbying for the introduction of anti-brainwashing curriculum into high school education.
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Founding by-laws of the ABL.

2016-2017 accounts, both chronological and activity-based accounting (sample).

Agenda for Annual Meeting, minutes of meeting, other inputs raised, and an Annual Report of progress, challenges and vision (the future is coming).

Other governmental information which shows we really exist on paper. As though existing off of paper was not enough (forthcoming if necessary).

Here is the full text of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

The ABL is listed in two or three places online already. Thankfully, Google can handle the volume of links to compute.

(As you can see, we are prepared to jump these hurdles if it becomes advantageous to adopt such an organizational structure. At present, it is not clear that charitable status will be worth the effort in terms of soliciting the types of support that will be useful.)

Objectives: 1) Awareness of risks, 2) Education

How a sound wave is digitalized for microwave auditory communications (voices into your head).
Synthetic telepathy network (credits to
Observe the many waveforms grouped as a more general wave. A Fourier transform (math) of brain activity can decode them to identify many different brain activities at once from just one stream of average information. Vast scientific literature since the 1970s shows that pulsed microwaves have a great diversity of influences on emotional states, energy levels, promote the notion of performing specific actions and even influence semantic meanings (thought meaning).