the Anti-Brainwashing League (ABL)

The Anti-Brainwashing League is an organization with a simple objective: contribute to widespread public awareness of mind influencing technologies as a precursor to lobbying for the introduction of anti-brainwashing curriculum into high school education.
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GLOSSARY of terms relating to brainwashing & neurowarfare (140p pdf or 12p pamphlet pdf)

Science and society QUIZ relating to electronic harassment and anti-brainwashing (html)

E White’s Summary of D Lawson’s Investigation Into Organized Stalking (pdf; external source)

Extended bibliography (html)

Wifi and cellular signal length forming electromagnetic bath (1p pdf)

Form for REPORTING organized stalking, electronic harassment, remote neural monitoring (345p docx)

PETITION to introduce anti-brainwashing curriculum into high school education (preparedness)


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Objectives: 1) Awareness of risks; 2) Education