Science and society quiz relating to electronic harassment



A) For each question, choose all endings to the sentence which are true (between 1 and 4 statements)

B) Do not let your imagination run too wild! (But a little bit wild is probably good.)

C) The crutch button gives answers. Green means "correct" and yellow means maybe sorta or sometimes not. Please don't use it.

D) If you think the suggested materials (and/or references in them) do not satisfactorily inform the answers, there is draft space for each question to keep notes as you work through.

Question 1: An agent provocateur ...
... is used to provoke unknowing dissemination of misinformation on the part of agents.
... acts as a member of the group but covertly represents other interests.
... is a cleansing agent used to provoke evacuation of the digestive system.
... is a person assigned to provoke unrest, violence, debate or argument by or within a group.
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Question 2: An asset (intelligence) ...
... helps to calculate the financial value of a project.
... refers to physical goods in supply chains driven by machine learning algorithms.
... is persons within organizations or countries that are being spied upon who provide information for an outside spy.
... was the fundamental unit of organizational capital in a feudal system.
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Question 3: Augmented cognition ...
... is an unproven science fiction theory.
... refers to the use of pills.
... involves a computer.
... is incompatible with EEG.
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Question 4: Biological amplification ...
... can involve a weak microwave signal which triggers or influences downstream patterns or events.
... refers to direct amplification of neural signals due to implants.
... has been demonstrated to not involve calcium ion channels or concentrations in neurons.
... can involve activation of enzymes which trigger events initiated by EM fields, emphasizing the membrane amplification inherent in this trans-membrane signalling sequence.
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Question 5: Blackmail ...
... which involves slander can only possibly work if the slander is true.
... is legal when reform on political views is demanded but no money or servitude is extracted.
... does not necessarily involve the use of a weapon.
... is illegal in all 11 provinces.
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Question 6: A blacklist is ...
... a method of closely monitoring racial diversity in a workplace to promote harmony and high quality teamwork.
... something that could be used by citizens to track illegal activities by impersonating agents of intelligence agencies or other security-related organizations, for the purpose of due process.
... a list of persons or organizations designated for special discrimination or boycott.
... a type of software that can alert authorities whenever you visit websites specified on a list.
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Question 7: Blocking harassment ...
... occurs when an individual of your gender intentionally endeavours to block opportunities to socialize with the opposite gender.
... is when people intentionally get in your way repeatedly.
... is uncommon in organized stalking, including electronic stalking by proxy.
... can be part of a “death by a thousand cuts” psychological attack.
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Question 8: Brain fingerprinting ...
... involves machine trained algorithms which eventually can identify individually-specific patterns with sufficient data input and time.
... cannot be applied within any remote neural monitoring system.
... is technologically impossible due to the high level of similarity in neural functions among humans.
... is already in place in India as a part of the biometrics program sold to the public as a part of an updated social assistance infrastructure.
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Question 9: Brainwashing ...
... is less likely to happen to those with IQ of greater than 110 because intelligence is a protection against brainwashing.
... involves alternating between application of positive and negative associations or situations in order to change personality or views.
... is recommended by the American Psychiatric Association as a means of improving social cohesion.
... was invented by the Soviets under Stalin, and it was only with great regret that the United States was eventually forced to learn something about it – for defensive purposes only.
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Question 10: Brain programming ...
... refers to the process whereby patterns such as interference and frequency shift patterns, etc, are used to decode neural signals which are progressively interpreted in order to program increasingly invasive bidirectional communications.
... is a process linked to brainwashing, which involves a “truth by repetition” approach to programming a target into holding certain views or rejecting others.
... is an active area of research which aims to capture patterns of an individual’s neural activity digitally, store them on hard drives, and then simulate people.
... is primarily constrained by present technological limitations in brainstem implants which bring visual or auditory data or information (or thought influences) directly into the brain.
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Question 11: Brain imaging ...
... is not possible.
... is possible.
... would be possible if quantum resonances in cellular gates were responsive to electromagnetic waves.
... would not be possible in a vacuum.
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Question 12: Civil society ...
... is a set of generally informal rules designed to promote smooth interaction at social functions.
... is more civil than uncivil society.
... refers to a pre-civil war societal phase when manipulative innuendo involving widespread slander and blackmail is preferred to straight talk as a means of moving forward.
... includes churches, charities, media, and maybe businesses.
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Question 13: Civilians ...
... do not have special protections in periods of conflict under international law, under the assumption that the state and others are too busy protecting the non-civilians.
... are persons who are not a member of the military or of a police or firefighting force.
... are not allowed to be involved in decision making processes during periods of war in Western democracies.
... are fair prey to use as unpaid assets if they aren’t holding down a job or paying enough taxes.
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Question 14: Cognitive liberty ...
... is the freedom to use recent technological advances to implant oneself into the cognitive processes of another, with or without permission.
... is an unrealistic expectation as a human right because security risks from outside the state are always greater than security risks from within the state.
... was initiated in the 19th century as a tradition wherein any citizen could ring the Liberty Bell as a public demonstration of their liberty to enjoy cognitive freedom.
... is the freedom of an individual to control his/her own mental processes, cognition and consciousness..
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Question 15: Conditioning ...
... refers to the risk that use of conditioner after shampoo may negatively affect cognitive liberty, in part due to porousness of skin and proximity of the brain (see “blood brain barrier”).
... is good or evil , depending on how or why you use it.
... links positive stimulus to habits or thoughts to implant and negative stimulus to habits or thoughts to eradicate.
... cannot change your way of thinking unless you want it to.
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Question 16: COINTELPRO ...
... never happened.
... is still happening.
... happened and either is or is not still happening.
... is proof that warmongering Marxists almost took over the FBI in the 1970s.
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Question 17: Conspiracies ...
... , or the belief in any one of them, are the strongest predictor of believing in other conspiracies.
... , or the belief in any one of them, are a strong predictor of mental illness if you present to a psychiatrist.
... can be an agreement between persons to deceive, mislead or defraud others of their legal rights or to gain an unfair advantage.
... are not criminal, unless they are.
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Question 18: Controlled personnel effects ...
... could refer to a situation where a person’s psychology has been extensively modelled in order to influence their behaviours at some specific point(s) in time.
... could refer to a situation where behavioural influences are inflicted upon adversaries of unknown identity.
... could refer to a situation where the effects of personnel are controlled by training and regulation.
... could refer to a situation where the personal effects of an individual are temporarily controlled in order to support their cognitive liberty.
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Question 19: Corruption ...
... is a fact of life, even on the moon.
... is mostly an African problem.
... is basically the same thing, whether political, judicial or police corruption.
... goes hand in hand with blackmail.
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Question 20: Covert surveillance ...
... is a 21st century technology.
... requires the ability to track an individual’s every move, 24/7.
... is always legal, so long as the boss said so.
... is always legal if there is no paper trail.
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Question 21: Crowd manipulation ...
... refers exclusively to the use of advanced mind influencing technologies to influence emotions and thought processes of a crowd in association with information or social perspectives being disseminated.
... is generally unrelated to propaganda and other forms of ethical marketing.
... is legal, in particular if the crowd provides informed consent to the psychological manipulations coming their way.
... is an effective way to win friends and earn trust in business, politics or everyday life.
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Question 22: Cyberstalking ...
... is an effective way to win friends and earn trust in business, politics or everyday life.
... usually refers to any harassment via any digital means.
... is always legal in all jurisdiction, as long as you don’t literally threaten to kill someone.
... usually refers only to harassment experienced in the world wide web.
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Question 23: DARPA ...
... has reliably hidden most information about its secretive research programs.
... has reliably released some information about its secretive research programs.
... , a defense research agency, remained completely off the books for its first 22 years, and it was only an exposé in a book called “Shadow Factory” which brought public attention to its existence.
... , and anything connected to it, can be counted on to be in the best interests of democracy and freedom at all times, because the oath of the US Armed Forces is to protect the constitution.
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Question 24: Death threats ...
... are not a crime if you don’t really mean it.
... are a crime if you don’t really mean it.
... are only a crime if you know the identity of the person issuing them.
... are rarely or basically never related to processes which attempt to brainwash individuals or societies.
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Question 25: Dehumanization ...
... makes you stronger, because it doesn’t kill you.
... makes you stronger, because it killed them.
... helps to promote individuality and freedom.
... easily serves as a pre-condition to severe rights violations or even genocide.
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Question 26: A delusion ...
... is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.
... is evidence that someone’s mental faculties are generally defective, and therefore whatever other claims they make must be considered as especially suspect.
... is acceptable if widely held, a fact which is relevant to diagnostic criteria used by some people in white coats.
... is scientifically valid evidence of schizophrenia, because the DSM-IV, the diagnostic manual of the American Psychiatric Association includes numerous scientific references which prove it.
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Question 27: Depersonalization ...
... , or similar such experiences, cannot be explained by bioeffects of microwaves because a scientific way to prove or disprove it has not yet been published in publicly available scientific journals.
... is a way to reduce excessive ego among persons inflicting suffering on others as a result of so-called narcissistic personality disorder.
... is an anomaly of self-awareness.
... can consist of a reality or detachment within the self, regarding one's mind or body, or being a detached observer of oneself.
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Question 28: Directed conversation ...
... refers to the direction that people are pointing in when harassing an individual.
... refers to conversations held by complete strangers out in public relating to the target and their personal situations, potentially constituting criminal harassment.
... is a sign of mental illness if you tell a psychiatrist about it.
... is a useful way to transmit important information that could not be transmitted by other means such as passing a note or sending an email.
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Question 29: Directed energy weapons ...
... remain a largely Hollywood affair.
... remain a largely Bollywood affair.
... are in active development.
... use lasers, masers or other EM emitters.
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Question 30: Disinformation ...
... is usually passed around to help friendlies keep on their toes.
... is an important part of the democratic process and more generally serve to improve governance, social cohesion, and economic and technological progress.
... is false or inaccurate information spread with the intention to make genuine information useless.
... cannot be propagated by well-meaning individuals who are poorly informed or manipulated.
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Question 31: Electromagnetic radiation/waves ...
... are both waves and particles.
... can overpower sound waves because they travel at the speed of light instead of the speed of sound.
... can be “pulsed” in ways which lead to “voices in the head” (microwave auditory effect) or have other effects on neural processes.
... are always basically photons of higher or lower energy – including radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, gamma rays and star dust.
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Question 32: Electromagnetic shielding ...
... mostly involves jamming signals which prevent an incoming attack from having its anticipated effect.
... mostly involves reducing an electromagnetic field in a space by blocking a field with barriers made of conductive and/or magnetic materials.
... is most famously known in the form of a Faraday cage.
... is best studied starting with a tinfoil hat.
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Question 33: Electromagnetic weapons ...
... , aka, infrasound weapons.
... , aka, psychotronic weapons.
... , aka, wireless weapons.
... , aka, the end of life on earth as we know it.
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Question 34: Electronic harassment ...
... was formerly common among the Stasi and Zersetzung of East Germany, until after reunification all agents with the East German state voluntarily gave up their access to related technologies, after entering into programs to provide alternative employment.
... is a claim commonly heard by schizophrenic patients who peddle in various delusions such as the possibility that people who work in government (or others) could conspire to do anything other than stuff that’s amazing for everyone.
... is legal, so long as your boss said its OK.
... already attracts penalties of up to life in prison in several jurisdictions.
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Question 35: ELINT ...
... , which refers to “Electronic signals intelligence”, is unlikely to be related to synthetic telepathy programs because it is generally related to intelligence gathering by use of electronic sensors..
... , which refers to “Electronic information technologies”, is likely to be related to synthetic telepathy because it is electronic and information and technology.
... is a top secret program that you cannot even know the existence of, now please set your computer for self-destruct because it’s that illegal to even know the letters ELINT – this is in fact quite similar to receiving a package of classified files at your doorstep and reading them, then making lots of copies and sharing them with everyone.
... probably has something to do with satellites sometimes.
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Question 36: Emotional cloning ...
... occurs when pulsed microwaves are transmitted upon a fairly large group of people, with the effect of them experiencing the same “cloned” emotional experience.
... might be possible by the time of Star Trek, perhaps in a few hundred years. Some very early research is now hinting at these possibilities arising a very long time from now in the future.
... uses computer-enhanced EEGs, and then scientists can identify and isolate the brain's low-amplitude "emotion signature clusters," synthesize them and store them on another computer, and eventually re-transmit to the individual who is under attack.
... can be done by microwaves but not light waves because light waves do not penetrate far enough into the head. This either is or is not related to potential influences of infrasound.
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Question 37: An evoked action ...
... mainly involves use of classical conditioning, whereby repeated associations of a leftward movement with an individual's leftward movement enable to treat them like a puppet.
... mainly involves the use of inherently psychological associations to evoke an action from a person after repeated association with a stimulus.
... mainly involves the use of microwaves signals which, via biological amplification, enable a relatively weak original signal to result in substantial effects.
... mainly involve the use of microwave or sonic stimuli which cause the person to perform an action (including speech) even when they are consciously attendant and by nature predisposed against such an action.
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Question 38: Extremely low frequency waves (ELFs) ...
... cannot be approximated by “pulsing” higher frequency waves because the overall energy levels cannot be modulated by the number of photons.
... have frequencies from 3 to 30 Hz (and wavelengths from 100,000 to 10,000 km).
... have frequencies from 50 to 60 Hz, as commonly found in electric power grids.
... allow extremely fast communication of bits and bytes due to the long wavelengths.
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Question 39: False flag ...
... is generally a situation where an ally's flag is flown while doing ill or evil deeds in their name.
... is generally a situation where an enemy flag is flown while doing ill or evil deeds in their name.
... is when a politician changes colours to another party, not due to a legitimate disagreement about policy, but for some other reason such as thinking the other party leader has a better toupee.
... has previously been used to provide false cover to instigate war.
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Question 40: Fatigue attacks and “electronic caffeine” ...
... cannot possibly be explained by technologies which have existed for over 70 years.
... can be explained, in principle, by thinking of how we react to fast or slow music, then applying this to pulsed microwave patterns that we cannot hear but which affect our brain.
... cannot be explained by advances in infrasound and ultrasound technologies.
... are a highly ethical alternative to a legal website takedown or censoring publications of extremists, because the technology will never be abused for other reasons.
... can be related to sleep deprivation and sleep pattern interference during processes of brainwashing.
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Question 41: The Five Eyes intelligence alliance ...
... was originally passed with unanimous consent by all legislatures of its anglophone member countries, with the exception of representatives from the francophone region of Canada.
... is a secret alliance between intelligence agencies which existed for decades before even heads of state knew about it.
... was shut down after it was discovered that each country could spy on their respective citizens and exchange information, which had led intelligence agencies to believe that they could get away with doing a full end run around protections intended to be afforded to their respective citizens.
... was released to the public for the first time in 2009.
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Question 42: A Fourier transform ...
... breaks down any wave pattern into simpler composite waves.
... is a mathematical idea that is completely useless in understanding how neural patterns can be decoded as a part of remote neural monitoring.
... is a Fourier (from “four”, which means “stove” in French) which makes use of directed energy weapon technologies to administer heat to the surface of the skin by transforming the wavelengths in a targeted manner.
... requires a large number of wave streams in order to decode neural activity compared to location-specific EEG readings.
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Question 43: Fusion centres ...
... are places where US patriots gather to share information on anyone and everyone who … whatever, just whatever led them to share lots of information on these people.
... prevented no less than one dozen lethal terrorist events per month up to the time of a 2012 publication of a Senate subcommittee which investigated their effectiveness and value for money, thereby reducing the rate of homicide in the US by about 1%.
... produced precisely zero actionable evidence across all fusion centres over the entire time of their existence, up to the time of 2012 publication of a Senate subcommittee which investigated their effectiveness.
... produce uranium for use in energy production or to maintain a nuclear deterrent, which is the reason that anyone who talks about fusion centres can expect any possible excuse including their interest in fusion centres as an excuse for WHY electronic harassment.
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Question 44: A gagged person ...
... refers to recurring images projected by the synthetic telepathy network in order to harass victim – namely, to project sexualized thought processes along with imagery of members of the opposite sex in gagged or otherwise vulnerable positions, ideally to normalize and then lure them into activities resulting in their imprisonment.
... is a person who is whispered lies and slander about a targeted individual, then threatened, either subtly or aggressively, to participate or at the very least not inform the targeted individual of the situation.
... is likely to feel blackmailed.
... is more responsible for the situation of a targeted individual than those responsible for orchestrating the situation.
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Question 45: Gang stalking ...
... involves groups of vigilantes who stalk gangs for free because the cops are too busy arranging mental health interrogations for anyone who wants to help the police actually do their job.
... involves precisely one strategy to screw with people, which never changes over time or adapts.
... may involve substantial “electronic stalking by proxy” wherein stalkers either parrot what is inserted into their heads or have become habituated to being a puppet after traumatic conditioning and brainwashing experiences which reformed their thought processes and personality, etc.
... is literally impossible. It is not possible for multiple people to stalk someone – to suggest the possibility to do so by electronic proxy, sheer madness.
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Question 46: Gaslighting ...
... is important for keeping yourself calm and composed during periods of extended psychological attack, by imagining the calming hues of incandescent lights as compared to the fluorescent lights which are more common these days.
... is a form of psychological attack in which a victim is manipulated into doubting their own memory, perception and sanity.
... is named after a radio show from the 1990s which provided educational information in support of civilian resistance against brainwashing from domestic or foreign state powers or any others with access to and willing to use such technologies.
... makes you stronger, because it does not kill you.
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Question 47: Guilt ...
... is a negative association for most people, which means that if someone knows what makes you feel guilty, they can plant negative associations alongside reminders or implantations of such thought processes.
... is possible to prove, whereas innocence is not.
... is a highly unexpected finding in a kangaroo court.
... is something that may make blackmail possible, even for things which are not illegal or which you never did - if you think others will believe it, the fact of this guilt association makes may constitute a vulnerability for blackmailing.
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Question 48: HAARP ...
... refers to an instrument played by King David, thereby inspiring millennia of Jewish philosophical traditions which influenced most European cultures significantly.
... is a research program designed to find out what happens to different kinds of electromagnetic waves as they pass from satellites through the atmosphere.
... is a research program mostly related to weather, however, a contingent of schizophrenics can be found online espousing conspiracy theories, including the possibility that the same research could be used for things other than weather.
... does not exist any more, which is proven by the fact that the site where some research was done before now has some different research happening there which is done by someone else.
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Question 49: Handler ...
... , aka, puppet master.
... , aka, slave master.
... , aka, patriot who does whatever it takes to fight for freedom and democracy.
... , a management position and strategy which revolves around collaboration and mutual decision making as a means of obtaining the highest quality decisions, processes and outcomes.
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Question 50: Harassment ...
... , in the legal sense, is behaviour which is found threatening or disturbing.
... is a way to help people toughen up, because other people are harassing so we need to toughen up for that.
... is a way to help people smarten up, because other people know what’s best but cannot explain their rationale face-to-face or on paper, and so instead harassment helps to improve the quality of communication in order to help people smarten up.
... is the name of a crime that can attract many years in prison in most jurisdictions.
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Question 51: A hate crime ...
... is committed to intimidate, harm or terrify not only a person, but an entire group of people to which the victim belongs.
... is OK if targeted against people who undermine your culture by virtue of just being there.
... may refer to one of the few widely accepted limitations on free speech in Western democracies.
... is legal as long as no one actually got dead this time around.
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Question 52: Human rights ...
... refer to a body of thought and action which excels in naivety and ignorance by failing to stand down in the face of our dark side.
... are commonly understood as rights for every person no matter their nation, location, language, religion, ethnic origin or any other status.
... are an inherent property of the universe. Even star people from Alpha Centauri do not have to discuss human rights (which they call Centauri rights) before reaching an agreement to uphold them.
... are a first and foremost concern of psychiatrists, in the interest of maximally benefitting the mental health and psychological comfort of individuals referred to them, in addition to upholding the ability to enjoy rights of peaceful protest and to whistleblow when something really bad is happening.
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Question 53: Hypnosis ...
... .
... .
... .
... .
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Question 54: Informed consent ...
... mandates that some time after experimentation (legal or otherwise) has been carried out on humans, that people should be fully informed of the risks to them and the hoped-for benefits from the research.
... does not apply in the armed forces or intelligence services.
... is an ongoing, interactive process, rather than a one-time information session.
... is not necessary if the subject has a mental health diagnosis, and no one anywhere, especially not a lawyer paid for by the government, can eventually come to bust you out.
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Question 55: Inner voice cloning ...
... is a process where, perpetrators either on the street via organized stalking or those participating via synthetic telepathy electronic harassment (including remote neural monitoring), may copy your subvocalized inner voice.
... is impossible because it’s impossible for any person or machine to decode activity in the auditory cortex to the extent possible to know what your voice sounds like when you’re speaking with your own mind. Literally impossible. Dozens of respected studies have not demonstrated related capacities.
... is proof that you’re mentally ill and a danger to society on two counts – 1) what? Speaking in your head? Do you mean … YOU TALK TO YOURSELF ???; 2) something that you are non-expert in seems plausible to you in reflection of your lived experience.
... is when you record numerous objectives and then play them back to yourself like a broken record while you sleep – as motivation.
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Question 56: Innuendo ...
... is when you say what you mean and mean what you say.
... occurs when statement A suggests the truth of statement B, without logically implying it.
... is an inherent property of the universe. Even star people from Alpha Centauri use innuendo as a means of truth seeking enroute to agreement about who is the silverback gorilla in the group.
... can be used to lie and claim that you meant one thing whereas any thinking human being knows perfectly well that you meant the other thing.
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