the Anti-Brainwashing League (ABL)

The Anti-Brainwashing League is an organization with a simple objective: contribute to widespread public awareness of mind influencing technologies as a precursor to lobbying for the introduction of anti-brainwashing curriculum into high school education.
Current projects
Prospective projects
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Current projects

Membership and Volunteer drive (active)

Petition to introduce anti-brainwashing curriculum into high school education: (print) (online)

Promote downloads or sales of printed copies of neurowarfare glossary (active)

Promote use of the form to report organized stalking, electronic harassment, etc. (active)

Incorporate the A-BL as a not-for-profit organization and establish a board of directors (if beneficial) get 50,000 accounts of such experiences as a part of moving towards lobbying for anti-brainwashing curriculum (active)

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Objectives: 1) Awareness of risks; 2) Education