the Anti-Brainwashing League (ABL)

The Anti-Brainwashing League is an organization with a simple objective: contribute to widespread public awareness of mind influencing technologies as a precursor to lobbying for the introduction of anti-brainwashing curriculum into high school education.
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Stuff to do
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Other stuff to do

Expand the pool of correct or incorrect answers relating to terms found in the quiz.

Research laws and rulings similar to those listed in Appendix F for the case of the USA.

Discussion pieces of related academic works (review only offered outside of school terms).

Develop member-driven or volunteer-driven process for prioritizing projects promoted to volunteers.

→ Define different brainwashing strategies with sufficient accuracy (without being limiting) to serve as input to precursors to legislation that can be enforceable.

Develop i) brainwashing index and ii) vulnerability to brainwashing index. Resolve representativity, non-bias and privacy issues with 2+ variables.

Anti-brainwashing toolkit: explanatory scenarios comparing na´ve and informed states.

Membership and Volunteer drive

Propose a project (see Project Development Pathway relating to volunteer ownership over outputs).

Sign petition at

Objectives: 1) Awareness of risks; 2) Education